3.- 4. 6. 2020 | BVV Trade Fairs


URBIS Smart City Fair and the themes for 2020!


We will gradually introduce the detailed program.


Wednesday 3 June 2020


URBIS Fair Digitalizace

How to launch a functional and comfortable digital local government?

Local e-government, Open Data, Hardware and Software, Applications and Services for the Public, Electronic Identity, Cyber Security, Data Interpretation


URBIS Fair Environment

How to effectively respond to climate and social challenges at local level?

Water, Drought, Environment, Public spaces, Sustainable Development Goals, SDG, Adaptation to Climate Change, Social Services


URBIS Fair Services

How to improve local government services and make them more efficient?

Mobility, Parking, Public Transport, Energy, Waste and Recycling, Municipal Services, Technical Infrastructure, Safety in Public Spaces


URBIS Fair Management

How to be a smart leader?

Use of Academic Research Outcomes, Start-up Solutions, Exchange of Experience, Joint Purchases, Funding and Procurement, Strategic Planning, Participation


URBIS Fair Social evening



Thursday, June 4, 2020


URBIS Fair Future

What to expect from local authorities by 2030, what do they plan or need?

Plans Concerning Smart city, What to Avoid, Needs of Municipalities, How Do They See the Future


URBIS Fair Benefits 

What difference will smart solutions make in people’s lives?

Smart City in Practice, Civic Participation, Successful Implementation Cases, Smart Neighbourhoods and New Construction, Brownfield Revitalization, Urban Planning


URBIS Fair Outcomes

What to take with you from URBIS Fair 2020?

Workshops Outcomes, What Can Local Authorities Look Like, What Will Be Needed, Interesting Information, What Can We Anticipate Next Year



Friday 5. June 2020

The program of the last day is outside the BVV area.

This day is a practical demonstration of implemented SMART solutions of the city of Brno,
enriched by excursions in private companies in South Moravia.