5.- 6. 6. 2019 | BVV Trade Fairs
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Pre-sale of tickets will start from 31 January 2019.



Pre-sale of tickets will start from 31 January 2019.


Fair City

Part of the city’s life since 1959, the International Engineering Fair once transformed Brno into a cosmopolitan metropolis full of foreigners, technological innovations and consumer goods ‑ eagerly sought out by hundreds of thousands of visitors who flocked into the Brno Exhibition Centre every year.


Although the prestige of the International Engineering Fair certainly endures, today the event is primarily a professional platform enabling the most influential figures in Central European and world engineering to get together. But why can’t the whole of Brno enjoy the occasion as a holiday like it once did?


Brno Fair City

The City of Brno and BVV Trade Fairs Brno (Veletrhy Brno) have put together a project that recalls the time when the whole city lived and breathed the trade fair and was full of hustle and bustle – activities for visitors, exhibitors as well as citizens of Brno.

Pride and Tradition

BRNO FAIR CITY aims to reawaken in Brno’s citizens pride and a respect for tradition of the engineering fair, which has been contributing to Brno’s prosperity and glory for more than half a century. Visitors and exhibitors will then have access to everything Brno offers and will be enticed away from hotel rooms into the lively city centre.





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