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Come and present your technology, vision and solutions to those who will decide whether or not to integrate your ideas with the lives of the population. You might be a multinational or just a local visionary firm – the trade fair is offering you the chance to show your products to those who have a genuine interest in your work.

Draw inspiration for how to build a modern town, municipality or an organization owned or managed by such body. Present your project and bring new partners on board. At the URBIS fair you will meet people with ingenious ideas who will help you bring them to fruition. Choose from a wide range of specific solutions that will make your town or municipality a nicer place to live.

Have you got a great idea how to improve urban life? Do you want to present that idea to potential customers or investors? Or are you looking for inspiration and a space to share ideas with other creative people? Brno is a city with exceptional potential for innovation and facet that will clearly characterize the URBIS fair.

You are precisely the user of the smart solutions which the Smart City concept is offering. What will our life look like in the future? How will smart technologies be applied to the cities, towns and villages in which we live? Come and see!

Introduce your projects or ideas to people who can convert them into reality. Get inspired and meet Smart City professionals. They will arrive from all over the world.


The URBIS Smart City Fair is a culmination of the exceptional innovative potential that exists in Brno. This is therefore an opportunity to present your technologies, visions and solutions, as well as promote the positive impact these will have on people’s lives and those who will make the decisions concerning their implementation.




10. 1 Government-to-Citizen (G2C)
10. 2 Government-to-Business (G2B)
10. 3 Integrated systems of government (G2)


11. 1 Transformation of business ecosystems, innovative trends
11. 2 The circular economy


12. 1 Transport infrastructure and transport systems
12. 2 Intelligent mobility
12. 2 Passenger information systems
12. 2 Systems and services for ticket sale and administration
12. 2 Construction, solutions and services for public transport stops
12. 2 Security, monitoring and supervision of transport
12. 2 Organization of parking, intelligent parking spaces, monitoring and management of parking lots
12. 2 Fare management, Smart Cards, Multi-purpose travel cards and passes
12. 2 Information systems and software for city and regional transport
12. 2 Intelligent transport systems
12. 2 Means of transport for local and regional public transport


13. 1 Educational processes, information sharing and communication in the Smart City
13. 2 Civic society and the Smart City


14. 1 Health and social care (e-Health)
14. 2 Support of helthy lifestyle (projectsof the “Healthy City” type)


15. 1 Safe city for live, work and business
15. 2 The resolution of natural disasters and anthropogenic crises


16. 1 The strategic development of functional and balanced cities withing the framework of Smart City concept
16. 2 Innovative urban planning



18.1 Waste collection and transport
18.2 Loading and handling equipment for collection and transport of waste
18.3 Other equipment for handling with waste
18.4 Machinery and equipment for waste treatment
18.5 Waste sorting plants
18.6 Extracting raw materials from waste, recyclation
18.7 Equipment for composting
18.8 Equipment for biowaste fermentation
18.9 Waste disposal and connected services
18.10 Monitoring systems for waste collection and disposal
18.11 Advisory services in waste management
18.12 Services for waste management



20. 1 Smart (intelligent) buildings – optimisation, principles of development, long-term trends
20. 2 Environment, means and projects supporting smart living


21. 1 Information and communication technology (ICT)
21. 2 Open data for Smart City
21. 3 IoT – “the Internet of Things” and its part in Smart City concepts/ models


22. 1 Power engineering and technical infrastructure
22. 2 Energy management / intelligent energy for Smart Cities


23.1 Machinery and equipment for treatment of urban vegetation
23.2 Machinery and equipment for watering of urban vegetation
23.3 Transport carts and trailers
23.4 Multicars, kinetic extensions and drives for multicars
23.5 Wheel loaders up to 4,5 tons
23.6 Machinery and equipment for summer street cleaning
23.7 Machinery and equipment for winter steet cleaning
23.8 Snow removal vehicles
23.9 Gritters and spreaders
23.10 Minitractors and fittings
23.11 Controlled mowers
23.12 Autonomous mowers


24. 1 Standards for the Czech Republic (the national level)
24. 2 Global models for Smart Cities, platforms, methodologies, indices
24. 3 Sustainable and feasible concepts and projects for cities and regions (Smart City roadmaps)


25. 1 Horizon 2020: Smart Cities and Communities: EU + Czech Republic in the period 2014–2020
25. 2 The financial sector and its services for Smart City concepts and projects
25. 3 Public-private partnership (PPP)
25. 4 Expert consultancy for government


26.1 Bus stop solutions and accessories
26.2 Products and services for increasing road safety
26.3 City and park accessories
26.5 Standardized bicycle racks
26.6 Parking barriers
26.7 Information displays

We give shape to your ideas

BVV Trade Fairs Brno and its team of the Stand construction and Services division offer exhibitors and clients comprehensive exhibition services to exhibit at trade fairs in the Czech Republic and abroad. We provide you with design proposal of your stand including a price quotation free of charge. We can also design interiors for your stores or showrooms.



The URBIS Gold Medal has a tradition of almost sixty years and is associated with the selection of the best that this smart cities expo can offer. The prize is awarded by an expert jury, including international experts. This prestigious award is one of the arguments that may convince your customers of the quality and functionality of the given SMART solution.

This year the jury will focus mainly on individual categories of the presented products, innovative solutions and SMARTisation of local authorities.

Winning products in 2019

Innovative clothing container TUČŇÁK / PENGUIN

TextilEco, a. s.

The innovative TUČŇÁK container represents a collection container into which people put disused clothes, shoes and toys.

AnyRoute – route planner

Umotional, s. r. o.

AnyRoute is a route planner of a new generation designed for public transport and mobility.


Control information system RISII

Brno Public Transport Company

The third medal winner was chosen by a team of the competition’s partner VDT Technology. URBIS 2019 Gold Medal went to the Brno Public Transport Company for the RISII traffic management and information system from the contractor Herman systems, s.r.o.


More information


URBIS Speaker Award


Meet world-renowned speakers and experts through the SMARTalk series. Also be sure not to miss the practical seminars and conferences that accompany these talks.



URBIS 2020 (PDF 2,2 MB)


Opening hours for visitors

2. - 3. 9. 2020 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Where: Brno Exhibition Centre
4. 9. 2020 9.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.
Where: Tours of specific SMART solutions outside the BVV site


Points of entry:

  • Main gate (Entrance 1)
  • Entrance Hall E (Entrance 4)

Visitor Rules



Map of Exhibition Grounds

Day 1

What to expect:
Inspiration, cooperation, changes and challenges, lessons learned on how to implement 

Day 2

What to expect:
What can local authorities expect, public involvement, benefit

Day 3

See, hear and touch is the top for the change


Primarily for whom:

executive politicians / management / technicians and researchers / lawyers / trade public / students / nonprofit sector / active citizens

Where and Who:






The most convenient way to purchase tickets or visitor registration is also available. Visit this site, and get access from the comfort of your home. 

Buy tickets

Two-day Student 250 CZK
Two-day EXPO tickets 500 CZK
Two-day WORKSHOP tickets 2 000 CZK
Two-day VIP tickets 5 000 CZK
  • Given prices include VAT.
  • The admission ticket to the fair does not serve as a travel permit for urban mass transportation.




EXPOPARKING for the entire duration of the event, including assembly and dismantling days

Prepaid, unattended 1200 CZK / event + 21% VAT
Prepaid, One-off 20 CZK / hour incl. VAT



Pay for parking at Brno Exhibition Centre at parking meters located at parking lots.

Guide to parking in Brno

For all visitors to Brno Exhibition Centre we created a clear page with a map, prices and occupancy rate of parking houses in Brno. See Parking in Brno.



Pierre Jean Coulon

President of the TEN Section of the European Economic and Social Committee

Once when travelling, I came across an article published by the airline British Midland in which they wrote that one of the smartest cities in Europe – alongside London, Hamburg and Bristol – was Brno.

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This brought me here to this conference, to share with you a few thoughts on the topic of smart cities. If the smart city project is ever going to succeed, it’s necessary to respond right now to certain tasks and challenges, such as the question of personal data protection, or the ability of citizens to work with digital technologies. This is also a task for politicians, economists, and mayors.

Siri Ellen Sletner

Norwegian Ambassador

As early as 2016 Norwegian representatives were present at a seminar in Brno about smart cities; last year in September, a Brno delegation of politicians and entrepreneurs took part in a conference in Stavanger which turned into the biggest smart cities event in Europe.

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I am delighted by the co-operation between academia and industry. When I stand here today and see how we are making joint progress with smart cities, I get the same sensation Kometa must have felt winning the ice hockey league a few days ago.

Petr Ouška

Managing Director - Public Sector & Real Estate at ČEZ ESCO

The URBIS fair has offered us a great chance to gain inspiration and exchange ideas with international experts in the field about how to create a concept for a smart city.

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The trade fair has also represented the ideal opportunity to meet with existing business partners and establish relations with new ones. Everything was conducted in the friendly atmosphere of the Brno Exhibition Centre, a place we’re always happy to come back to.

Jaroslav Kacer

Deputy Mayor of the City of Brno (responsible for the Smart City brief)

I’m extremely pleased that the city of Brno is taking part in organising the Urbis Smart City Fair 2018, which has been an unprecedented success.

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The main aim of this event has been to create a European platform to bring together not just cities – C2C or City to City – but also scientific and specialist institutions, experts from every sector, and of course the commercial sphere, to improve municipal life through the use of modern technology. Also essential is the sharing of "experience", and not only the positive and successful kind – we also need to learn from our mistakes.

Daniel Štofan

CEO, GoodVision

We were already aware of last year’s inaugural event and this year we are taking part in URBIS for the first time. It’s a packed programme with high quality participation – the conference in particular is associated with some top names.

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Regarding the activity on our stand, I can’t complain. We’ve been busy all day and gratified by the interest shown in our product, which was also was awarded the prize for start-ups. We’ve been speaking with lots of interested parties and we hope to see more integration and opportunities to find a role for our product. We‘ve already picked up loads of interesting ideas.

Louise Vogel Kielgast

Associate of the Danish urban architects Gehl

I’m happy to have been able to attend the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR. It’s my first time at this event. I don’t go to trade fairs very often, so I’m still getting used to this busy programme.

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I’m pleased to be here at this event and be representing the Danish urban architectural studio Gehl. I appreciate the numerous debates about smart cities that are going on here at the trade fair. The atmosphere is also nice and friendly. I like the fact that visitors can wander through the exhibition halls and we can all find something we’re interested in.

Anna Hroudová

Customer relations specialist, T-Mobile

We regard the overall concept of the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR, focusing as it does on smart cities, as beneficial and useful. Over the course of two days, representatives of Czech firms and municipalities – large and small – can meet in the same place and share their mutual experiences.

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Presentations from abroad are also a source of inspiration. T-Mobile has been presenting here a comprehensive technology solution for optimising urban transport, a strategy for domestic and commercial coverage using optical networks, as well as specific projects within the smart city/smart home area.

Lukáš Loun

Head of Smart Cities, Siemens

Compared to previous years, we can see a marked advance in organisation, and in the concept of the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR as such. We welcome the four-podium arrangement, because we can find something different happening on each.

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The benefits of the trade fair mainly derive from being conceived as a place where erudite specialists can congregate, therefore giving experts better opportunities to establish connections and share their own experience. We’ve also been appreciating the media interest in the fair, because it’s raised awareness of the issue and the technology of smart cities in the consciousness of the general public, which is who the technology is designed to serve.

Petr Tomášů

Executive, Urbitech

The programme of this year’s URBIS SMART CITY FAIR is even busier than last year’s. Reducing the length from four to two days has been more convenient for us. 

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The trend towards smart cities seems stronger by the day, so we welcome the fact that a platform like this trade fair exists here in the Czech Republic. Exhibitors can show off their solutions, and present their products. In terms of our own firm, I welcome the advantage the fair gives us of being able to link up with so many civil servants at the municipal level – they’re the direct customers of our technology.







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